28 Feb 2009

Ethics in Graphic Design

The Designer’s Ethical Responsibility

The Designer’s main concern must be to create communications that are helpful to audiences and users and that meet their needs with respect. Any communication created by a designer that intentionally misleads or confuses must be viewed as a negative reflection on the profession as a whole.
Designers must not knowingly use information obtained from audience members or users in an unethical manner so as to produce communications that are unduly manipulative or harmful in their effect.
We also as designers must represent and thoughtfully consider the needs of all potential audiences and users, particularly those with limited abilities such as the elderly and physically challenged, recognizing that our work contributes to the wellbeing of the general public, particularly in regard to health and safety and must not consciously act in a manner contradictory to this wellbeing.
We must recognize the need to include audience members and users whenever possible in the process of developing effective communications and to act as an advocate for their concerns to the client.
Designers uphold the credibility and dignity of their profession by practicing honest, candid and timely communication and by fostering the free flow of essential information in accord with the public interest.

In my opinion, graphic design and related professions needs to commit to a Code of Ethics

Because we designers are effective in the lives of all age groups in our communities, for us a code of Ethics is essential to establish what constitutes 'fair play'. It is intended to provide protection for both designers and clients from unethical business practices and the havoc that can be caused unwitting ignorance.

The Code of Ethics is a powerful tool in dealing with destructive practices such as competitive free pitching, by detailing professional conduct expectations in the key aspects of (client/designer/subcontractor) relationships, providing local, national or internationally accepted standards of ethics and conduct benchmarks for professional service and conduct in the graphic design profession.
A Code of Ethics will also serve to enhance clients' understanding of the how/what/why of graphic design.
This Code contains guidelines for the conduct of Members in fulfilling their professional obligation. Members agree to be bound by these guidelines.

Supporting/associated organisations

The first Code of Ethics are, the Model Code of Professional Conduct for Designers published in 1987 by ICOGRADA (International Council of Graphic Design Associations), ICSID (International Council of Societies of Industrial Design) and IFI (International Federation of Interior Architects/Interior Designers).

Design groups I admire for their commitment to Ethics in Design

The Ethical Graphic Design Company

Previously (Sussed Design) helps promote organisations who are working for positive change, whether it be through education, the arts, campaigns or by helping people or the environment.
They do this by providing highly creative, highly effective graphic design. From bold promotional material to clever identities, from simple websites to cutting-edge illustration.
With their broad design experience and boundless enthusiasm for ethical issues we, they give a personal, knowledgable and approachable service that gets the clients message across.

Animal Protection Agency identity
The client needed the logo to be appealing, positive and to be able to be applied to a variety of campaigns.

Viva! Viva!Life magazine

This magazine was given a complete overhaul by The Ethical Graphic Design Company. Bright colours and a fresh, contemporary design brought the magazine up to date and made it more comparable to a consumer magazine.

Another groups I admire for their commitment to Ethics in Design

Ziba Design

Sohrab Vossoughi founder and president of Ziba Design

Ziba Design is an internationally recognized design consultancy that helps in creating meaningful ideas, designs and experiences that consumers crave.
Through a culture of authentic design Ziba helps create business success for companies like KitchenAid, Wacom and Microsoft. Markets are reinvented for companies like Logitech and Warn Industries. Entire experiences are redefined, as Ziba did for Umpqua Bank.

Driven by an unnatural obsession for understanding people, brands and technology, Ziba innovates with soul. And the market likes it. For over 20 years — with start-ups and Fortune 500 companies alike — Ziba has helped businesses innovate and win in the market.
A global perspective is evident, as those who work at Ziba represent 14 different nationalities. Over 100 patents, abundant accolades and numerous awards offer proof that the vision remains the same as it did in the beginning of Ziba: solve business problems with great design. That is the mission.

Ziba Awards

Appliance Manufacturer's Magazine: Gerry Baby Products Clear Choice Rechargeable Baby Monitor
August 26, 1996
Honorable Mention

Design Innovations 1996: Kenwood THX Controller
July 08, 1996
Red Dot Award — High Design Quality

Design Innovations 1996: LaCie Joule Drive
July 06, 1996
Red Dot Award — High Design Quality

IDEA 1996: Electronics for Imaging Fiery XJ
June 17, 1996

IDEA 1996: Fujitsu Point of Sales Terminal
June 17, 1996

IDEA 1996: Gerry Baby Products Clear Choice Baby Monitor
June 17, 1996

IDEA 1996: InFocus Systems Lite Pro 210
June 17, 1996

IDEA 1996: InFocus Systems Power View 820
June 17, 1996

IDEA 1996: Kenwood USA THX
June 17, 1996

IDEA 1996: Taiwan Video and Monitor Corporation Meridia Multi-Media Tabelt
June 17, 1996

IDSA NW Invitational 1996: Fujitsu Point of Sales Terminal
May 20, 1996

iF Industrie Design Forum Hannover 1996: Fenwick Casting Reel
April 22, 1996
iF Seal — Good Industrial Design

iF Industrie Design Forum Hannover 1996: Hewlett-Packard Flat Panel Display
April 22, 1996
iF Seal for Good Industrial Design

iF Industrie Design Forum Hannover 1996: LaCie Joule Drive
April 22, 1996
iF Seal — Good Industrial Design

iF Industrie Design Forum Hannover 1996: Microsoft Natural Keyboard
April 22, 1996
iF Seal — Good Industrial Design

iF Industrie Design Forum Hannover 1996: NRG Mistra Fresh Water Filter
April 22, 1996
iF Seal — Good Industrial Design

iF Industrie Design Forum Hannover 1996: Stair Assist Power Bar
April 22, 1996
iF Seal — Good Industrial Design

Ziba tells Designers

Forget success. That was yesterday. Tomorrow awaits. With the reason to move: create purposeful design. Offer the beautiful experience.

Ziba's current client list includes Fortune 100 heavyweights like Microsoft, Whirlpool and P&G, as well as technology start-ups, service organizations and consumer electronic companies.

Although these clients represent diverse markets, they all have one thing in common — an insatiable appetite to win with design that stands for something: authentic design.

20 Feb 2009

CSR ... Corporate social responsibility

Mankind is the only creature on earth who decided, what nature provides, is not enough to maintain and increase safety, comfort and privileges, being the most clever, maneged to created new inventions, (manufactured/ industrialized) solutions, all those diffident inventions creating what we call civilization.
I'm one of millions, blessed to be born after the introduction of many inventions, you might say .. yes great inventions like air plains and mobiles, overlooking writing as the most impotent invention up to date (for it's vital role in the accumulation of knowledge) which contributed to later more complex creations, next inline comes the invention of soap.

YES ... Soap, (( Al-Razi's manuscript from the 13th century details recipes for soap making, it was not widely known in Europe until the Arab invasion of the Byzantine Empire.))

Soap is one of the most impotent inventions, an agent that helped in getting rid of waist and filth, that led to the elimination of illness (the black plague) harvesting millions of life's leaving nations with a population of only a few thousands, slowing down the progress of civilization, with the invention of soap, then came detergents, antiseptics and sanitation systems, mankind started to living longer and achieving more industrial growth

Living longer and making endless inventions, that later where mass produced to meet the needs of society, has it's side effects, tampering with nature, leaving industrial waste untreated, we got to live and see the day when nature said to mankind enough, you will now start to suffer the consequences of your own doings.

Because of this striking life changing factor, Corporate social responsibility was born.

What is "Corporate Social Responsibility"

CSR is .. how companies manage the business processes to produce an overall positive impact on society, triggering their need to answer to two aspects of their operations.
*. The quality of their management - both in terms of people and processes (the inner circle).
*. The nature of, and quantity of their impact on society in the various areas.

The practice of CSR is subject to much debate and criticism. Proponents argue that there is a strong business case for (Corporate social responsibility), in that corporations benefit in multiple ways by operating with a perspective broader and longer than their own immediate, short-term profits. Critics argue that CSR distracts from the fundamental economic role of businesses; others argue that it is nothing more than superficial window-dressing; still others argue that it is an attempt to preempt the role of governments as a watchdog over powerful multinational corporations.

Why Corporate Social Responsibility is Good for Business and How to Distinguish Between True and False CSR
The well-presented evidence buttresses a forceful argument that companies that care about more than making money can still succeed.

the five steps of evolution into a high-purpose company:

1. See the Bigger Picture:
A sustainable society and environment are necessary for the success of a company. Plowing through natural resources or not supporting the local community hurts a company's long-term viability.
2. Face the Truth:
Admitting mistakes, rather than lying to the public, builds trust. Research shows that stakeholders are more forgiving to companies that apologize for their actions. It also allows companies to assess what improvements need to be made.
3. Set Intent -Then Purpose:
Companies must ask themselves what their ideal results are and what strengths they have (and don't have) that will allow them to achieve their goals.
4. Transcend and Include:
When a company reaches this stage it becomes a high-purpose company by having engineered technologies and solutions that meet societal needs.
5. Anchor:
At this stage a company's identity and its higher purpose have become indistinguishable. Without the higher purpose the company would be weakened and may even fall apart.

A company with high CSR is a company with a high conscience alert ...
One that I admire .. A global giver .. When Forbes magazine published its list of America's billionaires for the year 2003, it disclosed that Oprah Winfrey was the first African-American woman to become a billionaire.

Translated her success into a global contribution

In my opinion she is a Corporation, the mother company of many branch companies that serve society:
* HARPO Productions (Entertainment Group)
* Oprah’s Angel Network
* partners in Oxygen Media, Inc.
* O the Oprah magazine

Oprah Winfrey
the outstanding Emmy Award winner, talk show host who started out her career in broadcasting in the 1970's.
A seeker of truth in herself and in others, her empathy, honesty, and love of people have made her one of the most beloved women in America; a teacher who educates a devoted audience about subjects as varied as sexual abuse, divorce, children's issues, and countless other important subjects; a close friend who visits over 20 million homes a day,

Oprah’s Angel Network
Works around the globe to give people the chance to live their best lives. The Angel Network was established to encourage people around the world to make a difference in the lives of others. Oprah’s vision is to inspire people to help others rise to their potential.
In a 1997 episode of The Oprah Winfrey Show, Oprah invited viewers to join her in using their lives to improve the lives of others. What began as a campaign to encourage viewers to collect spare change for 150 scholarships given through The Boys & Girls Clubs of America and to volunteer time to build 200 homes for the needy with Habitat for Humanity International™, evolved into the charity known today as Oprah’s Angel Network.
* Oprah’s Angel Network introduced the Use Your Life Award on The Oprah Winfrey Show. From 2000 through 2003, more than 50 organizations that were making a difference in the lives of others received awards.
* With Free The Children, Oprah’s Angel Network has built more than 55 schools in 12 countries, providing education for thousands of children in rural areas throughout the world.
* In 2005, provided more than $1 million worth of school supplies, including school uniforms and shoes, to 18,000 impoverished South African children.
* As part of the Hurricane Katrina and Rita recovery efforts, helped more than 1,000 families get back into their homes and helped build or restore more than 400 homes in eight communities.
* Built the Seven Fountains Primary School in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa. Opened in 2007, the school serves more than 1,000 boys and girls and serves as a model for teaching and learning throughout Africa
* A joint project of Oprah’s Angel Network and Free The Children, launched in 2007. O Ambassadors is a school-based program that inspires young people to become active, compassionate and knowledgeable global citizens.
* Through its Oprah’s Book Club Awards, Oprah’s Angel Network provides books for under-resourced children in regions where a book club selection is set. For example, book club awards were distributed in Beijing, China for The Good Earth by Pearl S. Buck and in St. Petersburg, Russia for Anna Karenina by Leo Tolstoy.
Her influence extended to the publishing industry when she began an on-air book club. Oprah Book Club selections became instant bestsellers, and in 1999 she was presented with the National Book Foundation's 50th anniversary gold medal for her service to books, readers and authors.
* Inspired by O, The Oprah Magazine’s “Rescuing the World’s Girls” and “Live Your Best Life Tour” events, the Angel Network gives grants to organizations that provide life-changing assistance for women and girls.

In 1991, motivated in part by her own memories of childhood abuse, she initiated a campaign to establish a national database of convicted child abusers, and testified before a U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee on behalf of a National Child Protection Act. President Clinton signed the "Oprah Bill" into law in 1993, establishing the national database she had sought, which is now available to law enforcement agencies and concerned parties across the country.

Oprah Winfrey was named one of the 100 Most Influential People of the 20th Century by Time magazine.

15 Feb 2009

typographic compositions

Typography From the Street

Typography from home

Primary Book Elements

First glimpse of what the book cut outs elements will form

Design Authorship: Content research journey

Design Authorship: project research journey

Visiting Book shops and hometown libraries to explore the world of children books, finding out what is already there and what is missing, in order to make a difference.

Design Project B : Publishing and Design Authorship

As a child, I enjoyed and looked forward to my favored Disney cartoon Tom and Jerry, one day as an adult, I was flipping channels on TV looking for something nice to enjoy, by chance I stumbled on one showing Tom and Jerry, so I sat Down to a shot of the good old days, and I was stunned to find that the music used in the background while the two chased each other is actually a form of classical music.
How clever of Walt Disney to introduce a form of education, invisible and hidden in a sweat childhood memory for us later to build on and discover who endless and rich the world of music is, putting in mind that music is a universal language, everybody and anybody will respond to.
This is what I want to do, I want to catch an individual at an early age, introduce them to their culture through a fun whey of learning, through art and crafts.
My interest in publishing a book of my choice is directed at children, my aim is to revive culture through art, to increase a persons awareness of their culture at an early age.

Publishing and Design Authorship project:
Book for children (6 - 8) years old, tittle:
Visit to an Assyrian palace
It's a cut out interactive educational book, aim: revive culture through art

The book includes:

* Map of Mesopotamia
* City sky line
* Indoor palace
* Figures of people live or visit he palace
* information about that civilization
* Method of assembling the cut outs from the book

As a child, I enjoyed dressing up paper dolls.

I'd like to use this application, where a child is taking part in an interactive educational method, introducing children to historical heroes from passed civilizations from Mesopotamia

Hammurabi, a famous law-maker and king of Babylonia

King Urnammu, king of Sumer and Akkad in Mmesopotamia