13 Apr 2011

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11 Sep 2009

Savvy Craft ... the Reflection

My initial idea was based on my first project .. ( Be a Friend ) a social service for the elders in our community .. while I was meeting with the elder individuals , the complaint of ( we are old , not disabled ) kept coming up.
To further develop ideas that contribute to the social life for the elders in our community, I thought of encouraging them to invest in their existing Craft skills, the elders group up in a non digital age, did lots of craft skills, because it was part of their life style.
Through research by meeting individuals, it came to the spot light that although they do have the skill, it is no longer in use, either they cont be bothered or lost patience, or their eye site has weekend and other health problems have come in between the lines of life .. they are no longer interested.
So I decided to widen the supplier Age range to the invisible domestic work force .. any body who has a skill and they are not investing in it yet ..You do the skilled crafted job .. We'll Do the marketing.
Once I read a book about the city life in Baghdad, a western historian who visited Baghdad in the 1920s, then again in the 1940s, his observation was : how the social structure had changed from only men to a mixture of men and women in the public life in the city, whey back in the 1920s, although the women where not visible, they did their role from Home .. the invisible domestic work force.
Growing up in Baghdad, with traces of the similar social structure, me and my pears have lots of hand craft skills. Being a Crafts woman myself, I highly value handmade products for many reasons:
Handmade products are usually the fruit of a hobby, starting with an interest taking the next step which is an attempt to try it our selves, so it's made with care, passion and carefully chosen materials. Frequent practice leads to high quality skill .. Crafts are incurred in all communities and all ages .. and this can be soled.
The cause I'm supporting is to promoting hand crafts to the public, as high quality approachable value for cost products, through a third party outlet that maintain constant reliable availability towards a wider course of purchasing solutions.
Currently, crafts are available mainly through art centers, community Bazaars and fairs, also in exhibitions and galleries.
These means present crafts in a package that is not all that rewarding. Bazaars and fairs held annually or on occasions. The public general impression regarding gallery exhibitions, they will be costly, the public will visit an arts exhibition for exposure and spending quality time with pears and acquaintances to widen their knowledge, then will go out for a meal, that's where the money will be spent !!!
That's where the handmade outlet should be .. a shopping center

The Branding Concept

Through research, I've found that the hand illustration has been overly used. it's conventional
It has been used to represent many business ID Branding: Organised Efforts, Group Work and Handcrafts.
My second concept :
I'm inspired by the punning meaning of Hidden Palms, an American teen drama television series that ran in 2007 in the United States. The series, created by Kevin Williamson, portrays the fictional lives of a group of teenagers and their families residing in Palm Springs, a part of California filled with palm trees hidden in the desert mountains.
Hidden Palms also means the invisible hands that created all the crafts exhibited in the outlet .. we get to keep the item we buy .. knowing there is some one out there who made it that will always be hidden .. it's those hidden hands that made it into a reality .. Hidden Palms .. is more fashionable .. more contemporary.
Then .. encouraged by my tutor to do the ID Branding research .. I Stumbled on this attractive word ( Savvy ) which is stunning, so I started to investigate it's meaning: Savvy .. is to know .. understand .. practical Know how .. experienced and well-informed .. to taste, have taste.

And found it a suitable brand name for an outlet that is supplied by experienced and well-informed craftsmen and craftswomen who will exhibit their artwork and are willing to teach others to gain a skill and related knowledge.

creating a number of designs was a joy, testing them was an eye opener, people out there give feed back and observations that did not cross my mind, which adds to the development of the brand.

My self criticism on this project ...
Every time I start to research an aspect of the project, I find new things that need to be searched which added to my knowledge as a person interested in hand crafts and as a designer.
I know it's a challenge to make it in the market .. bring it to life .. it's something I'm looking forward to.
I look at the designs I made and see more potential .. based on the variety of lines in the logo .. I'm looking forward to exploring that too.

I must always do my best ..

31 Aug 2009

Savvy Black

Understanding the meaning of color as well as the cultural use of color and how colors interact is important in print and electronic design in order to convey the right tone, message, and evoke the desired response to the brochure, newsletter, ad, Web site, or other publication. Colors are non-verbal communication. They create a physical and emotional reaction.

The Meaning of Neutral Color: Neutral colors help to put the focus on other colors or serve to tone down colors that might otherwise be overpowering on their own.

The Color of Sophistication

lack is the color of objects that do not emit or reflect light in any part of the visible spectrum; they absorb all such frequencies of light. Although black is sometimes described as an "achromatic", or hueless, color, in practice it can be considered a color, as in expressions like "black cat" or "black paint".

Black is a neutral, not a color, Black, Black is the absence of color, being a neutral can team up with any color, and can have a striking effect. Think of the bumble bee - yellow and black stripes!

Black with metallic gold, silver, copper and brass creates an opulent look, It looks very smart and powerful, It is often used to create an elegent accent.
A black background helps viewers find details, when working with black, the voriety of arts and crafts colors will bring just the right contrast. Lime, Green, Orange, Pink...etc., most shocking colors will be awesome, come to life on a Black background, Black can make other colors appear brighter.

Ultimate Dark:

Considered the negation of color, black is conservative, goes well with almost any color except the very dark. It also has conflicting connotations. It can be serious and conventional. The color black can also be mysterious, sexy, and sophisticated.

Culture of Black:

In most Western countries black is the color of mourning. Among young people, black is often seen as a color of rebellion. Black is both positive and negative. It is the color for little boys in China. Black, especially combined with orange is the color of Halloween. In early Westerns the good guy wore white while the bad guy wore black. But later on good guys wore black to lend an air of mystery to themselves.

Authority and seriousness
Black can be seen as the color of authority and seriousness.
Black Watch is the senior Highland Regiment of the British Army.
In Japanese culture, kuro (black) is a symbol of nobility, age, and experience, as opposed to shiro (white), which symbolizes serfdom, youth, and naiveté. Thus the black belt is a mark of achievement and seniority in many martial arts, whereas in, for example, Shotokan karate, a white belt is a rank-less belt which comes before all other belts. These ranks are called dan.
Black was the color of the Arab dynasty of Abbasid caliphs, which is the reason black is frequently used in flags of Arab countries.
The riot control units of the Basque Autonomous Police in Spain are known as beltzak ("blacks") after their uniform.
Traditionally, police vehicles (panda cars) were in black and white.

Using Black:

Use the color black to convey elegance, sophistication, or perhaps a touch of mystery. Dark charcoal gray and very dark brown can sometimes stand in for black.

Using Black with Other Colors:

Be careful using black with very dark colors. It can work, but if the colors are too similiar they blend together. Black works well with bright, jewel-toned shades of red, blue, and green. Black is the ultimate dark color and makes lighter colors such as yellow really pop out. Photographs often look brighter against a black background. Black and gray is a conservative combo as is medium or light blue and black.

Language of Black:

The use of black in familiar phrases can help a designer see how their color of choice might be perceived by others, both the positive and negative aspects.
Good black

Black tie - formal (as in formal party attire)
Black belt - expert (especially in martial arts)
Blackwash - bring things out in the open In the black - having money, doing well in business
Men in black - government agents
Black box - equipment or apparatus
Pitch black - dark as night, very black
Bad black
Black out - Loss of consciouness or the act of erasing something
Blackout - loss of electricity or turning out the lights
Black eye - damage such as damage to one's reputation, slander, unpopular
Black-hearted - evil
Blackguard - a scoundrel
Black sheep - an outcast from a family or from society
Black market - illegal trade (goods or money)
Blackmail - obtaining something by threat
Blacklist - list of people or organizations to boycott, avoid, or punish

Neutral Colors .... The Colors of Unity

The neutral colors of black, white, silver, gray, and brown make good backgrounds, serve to unify diverse color palettes, and also often stand alone as the only or primary focus of a design.
Neutral colors help to put the focus on other colors or serve to tone down colors that might otherwise be overpowering on their own. To some extent blacks, browns, tans, golds, and beige colors are considered warm. While white, ivory, silver, and gray are somewhat cooler colors. Yet these warm and cool attributes are flexible and more subtle than that of reds or blues.

Savvy Black is the best background for Savvy Craft ...
Because of all the different and cheerful colors of crafts created by the artist or craftsmen and women. colors we cannot choose, control or reject , because we are catering for the community in all it's different categories of ages, gender, education, tastes and interests.

25 Aug 2009

Savvy Craft ... Communication Design Plan

Savvy Craft

Is an outlet that Serves Suppliers of crafted objects who can teach the craft or exhibit their work, displayed to attract customers : the rest of the community.

The community benefit by purchasing a favored artwork, also finding contact information that will lead them to the craftsman/ woman to learn a craft skill.

The final Circle of benefit:

Financial reward for both the outlet and the Suppliers .. The community gain from this experience quality products and/ or a craft skill.

19 Aug 2009

Savvy Craft ... Final Logo Design & Color Pallet

After my debate and discussion in class today .. I started experimenting different color combinations on the Cross word logo design, Found the color maneuvering is not working, shifting the word order from vertical to horizontal also did not work.
Going back to the Geometrical design and working on further fine tuning .. I found that the mixture of mustard, orange & Cinnamon blend beautiful with several other colors, which will have a lot of beneficial effect in the communication design package I'm proposing for Savvy Craft.

17 Aug 2009

Savvy Logo Shortlist

I've been collecting votes from people I met during the weekend .. which of the three designs they like the most ..

The 1st one mostly got the votes of ladies

The 2nd got votes from elders

The 3rd got the votes of mostly men .. Till now it got the most votes

2moro is the last day for votes

Savvy Logo Design and Pallet Options