30 Oct 2008

Narrowing down the roots of interest

All through last week I was invested in making contacts with people that have a role or interest in the life's of the elderly, reaching the decision that I want to take part in making a difference in decreasing the effect of loneliness.
Through chatting with several elderly man and women, and discussing with the executives that are already dealing with this matter, I'v found that their general comments pour in five maim streams:
* familiar environment
* familiar faces (company)
* constancy of events and locations
* steady flow of funding
* convenient timing and locations
In my opinion .. society is a net , one problem is the result of other complications and obstacles, so in order to solve the problem, we must address the outer obstacles, that will in turn contribute to resolving the main problem, some of which are:
* lack of self motivation ............ can be approached through alluring offers
* Lack of knowledge .. due to short term old aged memory ............ can be approached with short term promotions
* Lack of funding ..... still thinking about it ... funding is not only money

29 Oct 2008

The Iraqi Association Gathering for the Aged

Which is held twice a week, one on Monday and the other on Tuesday, I visited The event on Tuesday in Hammersmith, about half the members came, which is considered positive, the event included a ticket lottery to an exhibition, then some information concerning the community was presented by one of the organizers, At noon everybody had lunch together.
Talking to Mr. Nu'man & Mrs. Ther who are members in the association , their observations included the need for stable center premises for the community, and regular funding.
talking to the members themselves, I got mixed feed back, most of them live with siblings and grandchildren, so the loneliness is not at home. It's more like nostalgia, living away from their hometown, obliged to immigrate at a later age, living with the motion that they might not go back to live the life they miss, again.
As for the elders opinions, in the social event activities for the elders in general, it was mentioned amongst several comments, going to multi national local events was not favored, because of clusters of similar ethnic groups start to form, leaving a person feeling uncomfortable and not want to respond to similar activities in future.
One of the ladies mentioned that she attempted to create a friendship with her neighbor, but the culture differences where disappointing, leaving them more comfortable to mix with their own community, they wish for familiar environment and company adding to Constancy.

Visiting an Elderly coffee morning

Last Tuesday Kingsbury library plus helled a coffee morning for the elderly.
The program included a group of invited guests led by Elsa Perez to talk about Caribbean & African dance,
the group & guests took part in demonstrating the dance.
It was quite interesting to fined that the library is being creative in their services.
Later on talking to Mr. Dave & Mrs. Ann about the Raoul of the library in the local town community, I found a variety of events, for the elderly is the coffee morning, with intentions to improve the event in future, the staff where very welcoming and cooperative.

Action for Age .. 1st Brainstorming Research Map

Starting the process of research by putting all the factors that effect the elderly to be lonely, isolated and lack of networking skills .. such as:
* Partners and friends pass away
*Support of organizations associations and funding
*Cercumstaces of events:
- Location
- Timming
- promotions
- facilities
- Cost
* The elderly:
- motivation
- Health matters
- Confidence
- interest
- Gender
- Language barrio
- Culture clash
I'm just putting all the Jigsaw puzzle pieces out, and in matching groups to sort them out.

15 Oct 2008

Impressionist Graphic Design ... is the thing I'm fond of

The inventor of Graphic design

Impressionism is a term that designates the work of a group of artists who shared a desire for artistic independence and an allegiance to modern expression. Formed in the last quarter of the 19th century
Scenes of Parisian nightlife ( caf├ęs, circuses, and cabarets ) were often the subject of Impressionist paintings by Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec, which caught the attention of those who are interested in promoting Parisian nightlife, it was his invention to simplify shades and separate colors onto tamplets ti enable the production of many copies , is what led to the birth of Graphic Design

He who created Graphic Design

Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec

many critics would classify Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec as a post-Impressionist, he shared many of the same interests as the traditional Impressionists.
Responding to the request to promote urban Parisian night lifestyle, it was his ability to siplify shadowes and seperate colors on to tamplets in order to meat the demand of producing multipol copies is what led to the birth of graphic design.

In art I'm tuched by IMPRESSIONISM

Those paintings are by Claude_Monet

What I'm fond of in Art and Design


Going one step back to the Marshas ... This is a photo that tells it all

13 Oct 2008

Autumn is another thing .. every time I see .. I see something new

Autumn is another thing .. because of all the colors, every time thy come in a different combination, but always in stunning harmony, I often stop what I'm doing to look at nature for inspiration

Things every time I look at .. I see something new

         Thought I'll start my blog with things I like, this is what's called ( the marshes ) .. in arabic ( AHWAR ), it's in the south of Iraq where the two rivers ( the Tigris and Euphratis meet, forming a mixture of water and land taking the shape of small islands, each is a home for a family or several families, creating an illusion of huttes built on water .. I'd say it's the Iraqi Venis , to me this is a stunning place I'd love to have had the chance to visit, maybe one day, it's one of the Things every time I look at .. I see something new