29 Jun 2009

Out Let Branding Concepts


Through research, I've found that the hand illustration has been used a lot.
I'm not saying that there are no more ideas, it's just too predictable and conventional
It has been used to represent many applications:



The UK is becoming like the USA, Canada and Australia, a multy culture society, with imigrents from all over the world comming to setile and make a new life, bringing with them their own ethnic craft skills, it's where all the different handmade creations are made, the UK.

Made in the UK

Down this path, I find myself restricted by certain colors relating to the UK flagand some icons that are created for tourist to identify.

Steve Rook .. Metal Sculptor

Aself tought artist, Blacksmith creats a fusion of original design with superior craftsmanship, Steve Rook combines modern materials with classic shapes to create luxurious accessories for interiors and exteriors.
Brings his own personality and senses into the creative process so man and work become one ... where ideas become designs.
Create beautiful, style for the home with stunning metallics. Functional yet fabulous designs that work with both contemporary and traditional architecture.

Steve Rook is willing to consider crating small practical objects that would attract customers and the market interest like, key rings, door knock and envelope holders.

Anote from Mr. Rook:

* evaluating cost must be with the concent of the crafts men and women ..
* Do not undermin the artists work
* The product must be of high quality

28 Jun 2009

Zari Mirai ... Painting & Carpit Making

As part of my case study research for the final project ( Crafts Outlet ), I met Mas Zari Mirai, she's a stay at home mum, spends a lot of time alone at home, keeps her self occupied with gardening and carpet making.
A self taught artist, never got training from tutors, she her self read painting books and started to pic up tips and tricks.
Managed to sell some of her painting, also has experience in turning family photographs into paintings.

Available upon commission request.

The Painting below is the artists favorite amongst her works

The painting below is my favorite, it represents an ethnic group ( Kurds ) who live in four neighboring countries: Iraq, Iran Syria and Turkey, that's why I relate to it.

Roy Rodgers

As part of my case study research for the final project ( Crafts Outlet ), I met Mr. Roy Rodgers

A trained painter .. having a skill to express feelings and own vision of the world in a special new whey, motivated by the constant search for new subjects.
The value aspect is based on what is similar in the market place.

A tip: never destroy anything .. you never know when it might be handy.

Be true to your self and don't try to be someone else.

If you say you want to make art .. go ahead and do it.

This painting is in memory of the family dog that passd away ... expressing that it whent to the other side ..

The Painter profession is rewarding and there is a market for it, through commissions and exhibitions.

Cheryl Gould

As part of my case study research for the final project ( Crafts Outlet ), I met Mrs. Cheryl Gould

Is a trained sculptor who relies on life experiences, triggered by moments that left an impression, then expressing her opinion through sculptor, this is what keeps her going.
At home she's a mum, a daughter and wife all in one, but in her stdio at the far end of her garden is a glowing artist.
All of this knowledge and skill was used to benefit others through teaching the discipline of sculptor, Cheryl Gould also takes part in open studios and exhibitions and produces promotional items that advertises her art like T-shirts and post cards.

A tip: Style is a hazard .. it can become meaningless .. just create what you feel .. be true o your self.

Gould has a passion for mask sculptors

Making a living is essential, working hard is the key .. a combination of selling art pieces and teaching the discipline seams to make ends meet.
Cheryl values her work emotionally, sometimes it's hard to part with a sculpture it becomes a family member, the sculptor below resembles Cheryl's daughter.

This sculptor is my favorite .. I like to call it Automne Man .. it reminds me of the wise hidden voice in fairytales.

Gould's suggestions for the outlet project

Genuine self promotion works well, search for sponsors and offer them publicity for their business in return.
Go to T.V Dragon's Den, but do your homework thoroughly first.

25 Jun 2009

Govent Garden .. The Apple Maket

As part of my case study research for the final project ( Crafts Outlet ), last Monday I went with my friend Houria to Covint garden's Apple market, well known for it's Bazaar style. There The Old Printing Shop had their own stall filled with typography collages made out of out of use wooden blocks that where used in the printing industry before the digital age took over and put these businesses on a forgotten shelf.
The Old Printing Shop brought them out and up on the walls of collectors, by arranging them in creative collages.
Danial the person selling them mentioned that the re are some wooden blocks date back to the 18,00s and they can cost a couple of hundred pounds.
All of this from the start of carving the typefaces, doing their job all through the messy ink industry up to being put up on the walls of collectors .. are a hand craft .. that has a value in the market.

STONE GINGER ... Hilary Gladdborow

Using jewellers tools and special pigments Mr. Glassborow developed a combination of carving, draughtsmanship, sculpting, painting techniques and researching wildlife ... taking advantage of the extra pure qualities of a transparent synthetic material, that can be carved in depth with fine crisp details ... When light is shone across the incised image .. they appear to leap to life.
Hilary Glassborow Rents a stand at the Apple Market to try selling her work .. and is ready to cooporate with a permanent crafts outlet

Lucy Batt

Is a crafts woman who exhibits her work at the apple market